(Also) we wanted to write something … On the cease of the work of reclaim society!

We wanted to write collectively, have met and reflected. For months, it is clear to us, that the group reclaim society! no longer exists. The following is a sort of final statement and reflects a common consensus.

Rumors, critiques, upset voices, quotes here, texts there, messages of solidarity, hate mails – between all of this over the past months we, some people who organized themselves, among others, under the name of reclaim society!, have tried to get an overview of current discussions. We read individually and collectively, listened and discussed. Criticized each other, got irritated about positions and ways of dealing, educated ourselves, have learned and have come to new political positions.

Since late summer 2012 no rs! assemblies has taken place and rs! has not appeared as a political group since. From spring 2010 when the group started, there have been internal constellation changes from time to time. During the summer of 2012 several people left the group.

We take in the critiques addressed to us and deal with them. In the analysis, we understand our actions as sometimes inconsistent and at times contradictory and from today’s perspective we see many things problematic. However, we have noticed that a lot what was (and is) said and written about rs! is mostly not true. Among others there were serious accusations such as sabotage and manipulation directed at us. In various policcal spaces, activists became the target of exclusion, just for being associated to rs!. By this boycott, various autonomous projects were and are still being blocked.

Further political discussions with respect to the critiques and events of recent months will be continued by us as individuals.

The financial resources who were gathered for rs!-projects, found usage in autonomous asylum-seeker struggles.

We are still motivated to shape hierarchy-critical struggles and look with a lot of energy into the future!

Former members of reclaim society!

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